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We are proud to announce that the Integra Glass Cockpit is the world's first Airborne Flight System with an integrated AFI-X Artificial Flight Instructor developed by Central European Aerospace Corporation Ltd, the global leader in aerospace artificial intelligence.

This feature allows real-time pilot performance monitoring on the INTEGRA Glass Cockpit split screen, as-well-as post-flight data analysis in a PC and it also may be tailored and used as support for pilot training programs - either civil or military for inclusive and sustainable aviation safety.

AFI-X picture

Only three steps, i.e. connecting the power supply, interconnecting the AFI-X with INTEGRA and your audio panel, will allow you to see and hear a new world of artificial intelligence for aviation, which will always alert you as a living instructor to an unusual situation and give you useful advice directly to your headphones.

If you are an aircraft manufacturer or flight school, do not hesitate to contact us for more information at

Latest Release

New firmware for Integra glass cockpit with additional improvements available now!


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